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Getting your car prepared for spring should be a top priority for all. With the summer months fast approaching, you need to take time out of your schedule to have your car primed and ready to go. After a season of colder weather, it's time to pamper your vehicle with some springtime care.

The first order of business is getting your oil changed. Oil is the primary lubricant that keeps your engine and its parts running well. It also protects your engine and keeps it clean. With that in mind, it's important to have both your oil and the filter changed at the same time once every 3,000 miles.

An inspection of your battery should also be done. It is the one item that keeps your car running at an optimal level during the winter months. It keeps your heater and your lights on as you drive more in the dark during a season of shorter days and longer nights. Plus, it's quite possible that your battery may have had to work a lot harder just to get started. The cold weather has an impact on the chemicals inside your battery, so having it tested for damage is vital for summertime driving.

Driving in the snow can also have an impact on your tires. Think of the times you've been stuck in the snow. Your tires end up working much harder as you press on the gas pedal. Your tires can also be affected by the sudden change in temperature, which causes the rubber to expand and contract. Since this impacts the quality of your tread, a tire rotation might be necessary.

Wiper blades and headlights could also use some attention. The heavy impact of snow can wear out your blades and possibly leave cracks in them, so having them checked and replaced might not be a bad idea. As for your headlights, getting them scrubbed thoroughly along with having the bulbs changed as needed helps with night vision.

Springtime maintenance is critical for the oncoming summer months. Whatever your needs are, we can help. We invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!


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