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Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Folsom

Folsom Automotive Service is the trusted destination for unrivaled expertise in handling the glow of the check engine light (CEL). We’ve been dedicated to our craft since 1986 and take pride in being the best independent auto shop in Folsom, CA. Our ASE-certified technicians are committed to providing reliable and trustworthy check engine light services.

The CEL is your vehicle's way of communicating that something may be amiss within its complex system of components. When the light illuminates, it's an indication that the onboard diagnostics system has detected a potential issue related to the engine, transmission, or emissions system. While it doesn't always signify a catastrophic problem, it's crucial not to ignore it.

What Causes the Check Engine Light to Illuminate?

Several factors can trigger the check engine light in Folsom, CA:

  • Loose or Faulty Gas Cap
  • Faulty Oxygen Sensor
  • Malfunctioning Mass Airflow Sensor
  • Issues with the Spark Plugs or Ignition System
  • Failing Catalytic Converter

The Folsom Automotive Service Approach to Check Engine Light Repairs

Our ASE-certified technicians employ state-of-the-art computer diagnostics and programming equipment to identify the root cause of the problem. We don’t stop until we find the problem and its solutions.

Should I Be Concerned with a Check Engine Light That Is Blinking?

Yes, a flashing CEL indicates a more severe issue that requires immediate attention. If you continue to drive with a check engine light blinking in Folsom, it can result in more extensive and costly repairs. It's recommended that you pull over safely and have your vehicle towed to our shop.

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At Folsom Automotive Service, we take pride in being the best choice for check engine light diagnostics and services in Folsom, CA. Whether your check engine light is blinking or on, our family-owned and operated business is here to provide the best service, including a 3-year/36,000-mile NAPA warranty.

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