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Check Engine Light in Folsom, CA

The engine is essential to the heart of your vehicle, and in order to ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently and without trouble, it is important to stay on top of engine maintenance and inspections. Replacing an engine is a giant task, but can easily be avoided with good vehicle maintenance. That is why as soon as you see your car’s check engine light turn on, it’s time to bring your car into Folsom Automotive Service at your earliest convenience.

Even if you haven’t noticed any accompanying symptoms to the check engine light or the light hasn’t been on for long, it is important to bring your car into our shop as soon as you can. Waiting might only escalate the problem, leading to the need for further repairs. Driving with the check engine light on can also be dangerous, putting you in unfavorable situations while on the road.

Symptoms That Indicate Engine Problems

While the check engine light is a strong indication that your car has engine trouble, there are also additional warning signs to look out for that can point to an issue. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Suspicious noises, such as knocking or pinging
  • Excessive emissions
  • Leaking engine oil
  • Loss of engine power/performance
  • Excessive consumption of fuel

Where Do You Visit To Get Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Folsom, CA?

With the advancement of the ECU, conducting check engine diagnostics has become a more straightforward task, as long as you partner with an auto shop that has advanced diagnostic tools. At Folsom Automotive Service, we are a modern auto facility that invested in factory-level diagnostic tools to ensure that we diagnose and repair the correct issue at hand.

With our ASE-certified and highly-trained technicians, we can comfortably say we are among the top shops in Folsom, CA, for all of your vehicle’s needs. When you bring your car to us with engine problems, we connect our advanced tools to your onboard diagnostic system, scan the system to pull the error code, and then use this information to identify the problem.

For more information about our check engine light diagnostics in Folsom, CA, feel free to drop by our shop here at Folsom Automotive Service or call us today!