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Transmission Service and Repair in Folsom

Are you tired of trying to find a transmission shop in Folsom that can care for your car’s transmission? Look no further than Folsom Automotive Service. We are the go-to destination for expert transmission services in Folsom, CA. Since our establishment opened in 1986, we stand proud as a family-owned and operated business, offering convenient and quality service.

What Does the Transmission Do?

Your vehicle's transmission is a complex and critical component responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. Whether automatic or manual, transmissions play a pivotal role in cars. They can face wear and tear, which is why they require regular maintenance to keep your vehicle running at its best year after year.

At Folsom Automotive Service, our team specializes in a range of transmission services, including:

Transmission Fluid Flush

Regular fluid changes help maintain proper lubrication and cooling within the transmission, preventing overheating and premature wear.

Transmission Repair

From minor adjustments to major repairs, our technicians have the expertise and equipment to perform major transmission work.

Transmission Rebuilds

In cases of severe transmission damage, we offer comprehensive rebuild services to restore your transmission to optimal condition.

Why is My Transmission Slipping?

Transmission slipping is a common issue and can be caused by various factors, such as low transmission fluid, a faulty torque converter, or worn-out clutch plates. It is a serious concern that requires prompt attention. If you’re dealing with a similar problem, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our transmission shop for a thorough inspection. We identify and address the root cause of the transmission slipping.

Experience the convenience of same-day services, a 36-Month/36,000-Mile NAPA Warranty, and our shuttle service while we work on your vehicle’s transmission in Folsom, CA. Our friendly staff wants to make sure your visit to our shop is a comfortable one.

With a legacy spanning over four decades, Folsom Automotive Service has been a pillar of trust in the Folsom community. Our reputation as the best independent auto shop is built on honesty. We are always up-front with our customers on their repairs and costs.

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