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Fluid Flushes in Folsom, CA

In mechanical engineering, moving parts should be well-lubricated. Today’s vehicles have a multitude of moving parts, which require a variety of different fluids to ensure the best operation possible. These fluids have many different roles within a vehicle, including carrying away heat produced as a result of friction, lubricating moving parts, and preventing corrosion and part damage over time.

Some common fluids used in cars include but are not limited to brake fluid, engine oil, coolant, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, and power steering fluid. During the operating life of a car, these fluids need to be periodically flushed. This is because dirty and contaminated oil is ineffective and may lead to system failure in some cases.

Most drivers are familiar with their car’s regular oil change. However, when it comes to other fluids such as brake or power steering, you may be unsure how often these fluids need to be changed. The best source for this information is your car’s owner’s manual or the professionals here at our shop. We can help you keep track of these important services so that your car can run at its best.

Where Should You Go For Fluid Flushes in Folsom, CA?

At Folsom Automotive Service, we are your source for reliable fluid services here in the area. We use top-shelf fluids and factory-level cleaning equipment to ensure that your car’s fluid services are tailored to last. Some of the services we offer include brake fluid flush, power steering flush, transmission fluid flush, engine oil and filter change, and radiator flush just to mention a few.

Our ASE-certified mechanics have received many years of training to serve just about every make and model of vehicle. Every time we conduct a fluid flush service, we always do so according to factory instructions to guarantee that your car will be handled with care.

Therefore, if you need a car fluid flush in Folsom, CA, don't hesitate to give us a call here at Folsom Automotive Service or schedule a visit using our online appointment form today!