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5 Best Items For Vehicle Emergency Kit

Picking out the "5 best" emergency kit items is difficult because in most cases, a stranded driver might need everything in the kit. Nonetheless, there are a few mainstays that should take priority if necessary.

Here are five suggestions.

Jumper Cables

Almost every driver at some point has a dead battery. Most have a few during their entire driving careers. Yet, it is amazing how many people with dead batteries do not have a good pair of jumper cables.


Each year, in just about every state in America, someone is involved in an accident when standing near their broken-down vehicle. In many cases, the driver that causes the accident was not paying enough attention and did not see the vehicle on the shoulder of the road.

One way of reducing that chance is to have adequate roadside reflectors and/or flares to alert people of your presence and vehicle. This is also a good way of signaling that you need help.


A blanket might not have anything to do with the mechanics of your vehicle, but it can be a lifesaver. Vehicles lose heat very quickly. If you are stranded during winter, even for just a little while, you will be grateful you have a blanket to keep warm while waiting for help.

Fire Extinguisher

Vehicle fires are rare, but can and do happen. If all you have to put out a vehicle fire is a few rags and maybe some bottled water, you could lose your entire vehicle. A fire extinguisher can make quick work of even a larger fire and will thoroughly smother smaller fires.


Whether you are inspecting an issue under the hood or trying to clear ice off your windshield wipers or just looking for something you dropped under your seat, a headlamp (or flashlight) can be invaluable. Remember to periodically check the batteries and replace them every six months. It does not hurt to have a spare pair on hand either.

These are the basics every driver should have in their vehicle at all times. A great way to avoid road emergencies as much as possible is to have your vehicle maintained and inspected regularly here at our shop. If it has been a while since your last service, we invite you into our shop today!