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6 Tips to ensure your vehicle will have A/C all summer long

The Summer heat is coming Sacramento! Is your vehicle ready?


Make sure that your vehicle is ready for the heat, top off fluids, take the winter tires off, and most important here in Sacramento, make sure your HVAC system is functioning properly! Here are some tips to ensure your vehicle is ready to keep you cool all summer long!


To keep your car's air conditioning (A/C) working properly all summer long, you can do the following:

Check for leaks. Most air conditioner failures are caused by refrigerant leaks. Look for grease or wet spots around air conditioning components such as hoses, fittings, and compressors. If you suspect a leak, have it repaired by a professional technician immediately. 


Clean or replace the cabin air filter. 

Cabin air filters keep dirt, dust, and, debris out of the air conditioning system and cabin. If the filter is dirty, the effectiveness of the air conditioner will be poor and the cooling will not be efficient. Refer to your owner's manual for recommended cabin air filter replacement intervals. 


Run your air conditioner regularly. If you only use the air conditioner occasionally, it may not work when you need it most. Even in winter, running your air conditioner for at least 10 minutes each week will keep your system in good shape.


Test your air conditioner. 

Before the summer heat hits, turn on the air conditioner and make sure it's blowing cool air. If not, let a professional technician diagnose and fix the problem. 


Keep your condenser clean.

The air conditioner condenser is located in front of the radiator and can become clogged with dirt, leaves, and debris. Clean regularly with a soft brush or compressed air to ensure proper airflow. 


Park in a shaded parking lot:

Park your vehicle in the shade to keep your car cool and reduce the load on your air conditioner. 


Air conditioner maintenance:

Regularly scheduled maintenance should include having your HVAC system inspected and maintained by a professional technician can help prevent problems and keep your systems running properly all summer long. By following these tips you can keep your vehicle's climate control system working properly and cool during the Sacramento summer!