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The Importance of Reading the Owner's Manual

When you purchase something new or expensive, you are likely to get a strong urge to care for the item. To take care of such a significant investment, like your car, you need to read the manufacturer's manual. The owner's manual will ensure that you know how to maintain your new ride and how to keep it running in good shape for years to come.

The pages contain everything you may need to know about the car and the scheduled maintenance routines you need to stick to for the car's extended longevity.


Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle's owner's handbook is a guide listing how much maintenance is needed to ensure it delivers the desired performance and durability. The manual also specifies the repair techniques for proper auto care. After reading it, you'd be able to interpret the warning lights and when you need fluid changes and flushes. 


Knowing Your Car

There's more to a car than its brand name and model. All vehicles are machine-created by bringing together complex mechanical, electrical, and technological systems. Understanding these systems isn't mandatory for everyone, but it will make you more aware of the car. That knowledge increases your awareness of any issues with the vehicle, so your experience at the dealership or auto shop will be more seamless.


Getting the Set-up Right

Modern vehicles have many custom settings that need adjustments when you first purchase the car. For example, the tone you use for keyless access, the sound system's volume limit, and delayed lighting are things that require a setup to tailor the driver. By reading the manual, you can understand how to customize these settings and integrate them into the vehicle's systems for a pleasant ride.



Safety is an essential aspect of a vehicle, and the owner's manual provides endless valuable information about the safety features. It explains problems, such as the check engine light, wiper usage, cruise control, blind-spot information systems, airbags, safety belts, and hazard lights. 


Before you step in and drive a new car, please read the manual. It'll protect you, the passengers, and other road users. If you require maintenance or repair, bring your vehicle to us. At Folsom Automotive Service LLC, you'll be treated with top-notch customer service and craftsmanship by our team.