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Common Visitors of Your Dashboard - What Do They Mean?

The dashboard of your vehicle is equipped with various warning lights that illuminate to alert you of potential issues or system malfunctions. These lights serve as crucial indicators, providing important information about your vehicle's health and safety. In this blog, we will explore some of the most common dashboard lights, explaining their meanings and how they appear, empowering you to understand and respond appropriately when they illuminate.

|Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light, often represented by an engine symbol or the words "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon," is one of the most familiar dashboard lights. It typically indicates a problem with the engine or emissions system. When this light turns on, it's essential to have your vehicle checked by a mechanic to identify and address the underlying issue.

|Battery/Charging System Light

The Battery/Charging System Light appears as a battery symbol. When it illuminates, it indicates an issue with the vehicle's charging system. It may indicate a faulty battery, a failing alternator, or a loose or damaged electrical connection. A properly functioning charging system is vital, so seeking prompt attention from a professional is necessary.

|Oil Pressure Warning Light

The Oil Pressure Warning Light, often represented by an oil can symbol, alerts you to low oil pressure. It indicates insufficient oil flow through the engine, which can lead to engine damage if not addressed promptly. Stop the vehicle, check the oil level, and consult a mechanic to diagnose the cause of low oil pressure.

|Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Light

The TPMS Light appears as an exclamation point inside a horseshoe-shaped tire symbol or simply as the letters "TPMS." It illuminates when the tire pressure in one or more of your tires is significantly low. Proper tire pressure is essential for safety and optimal vehicle performance. Check the tire pressure and inflate or repair them as necessary.

|ABS Warning Light

The ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Warning Light typically appears as the letters "ABS" inside a circle. When this light illuminates, it signifies a problem with the ABS system, which helps prevent wheel lock-up during braking.

|Airbag Warning Light

The Airbag Warning Light is usually represented by an image of a person with a deployed airbag in front of them. If this light stays on or flashes, it indicates a potential issue with the airbag system. Since airbags are crucial for occupant safety in the event of a collision, it's crucial to have the system inspected by a qualified technician.

|Engine Temperature Warning Light

The Engine Temperature Warning Light appears as a thermometer floating in the water or as a thermometer with wavy lines. It illuminates when the engine's temperature exceeds safe operating limits. Pull over and turn off the engine immediately to prevent overheating and potential engine damage. Allow the engine to cool before seeking professional assistance.
Make sure to visit a repair shop if any of the dashboards start flashing because it usually means that the problem is quite serious. And if you are looking for a team of professionals ready to handle any car repair, stop at Folsom Automotive Service LLC, and we will take care of it!