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How to Go Green By Changing Your Driving Habits

While biking and taking public transit are effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint, they aren't always feasible for specific individuals. Some of our lifestyles necessitate driving a car, and you shouldn't feel guilty about it. There are little things you can do to make driving greener. Here are some tips that can you can make a difference for the environment (and your wallet):

  1. Travel lighter - Truthfully, when was the last time you cleaned out your trunk? If you like to store extra junk in your vehicle, the odds are that it is weighing your vehicle down, causing excess drag, fuel consumption, and emissions. 
  2. Cut down on A/C - While you may be tempted to crank your A/C up in the warmer months, you should consider rolling down the windows instead. 
  3. Check your tires - Having properly inflated tires are critical in providing safety and efficiency. As a result, your car will burn less fuel (hence, fewer emissions).
  4. Avoid idling - If you know your car needs to be stopped for a while, you should turn the engine off rather than leave it running. Most people think the opposite: restarting your vehicle will cost more fuel, but that is not the case!
  5. Mind your speed - Harsh braking and accelerating can cost you 33% of your fuel MPG alone. It's better off that you take it easy on your pedals. In cases where you're driving on the highway, it's even better for you to set your speed on cruise control and leave it alone.
  6. Carpooling - While we understand this option isn't attainable for everybody, carpooling is an excellent method for greener driving. 
  7. Vehicle Maintenance - Regularly upkeeping your vehicle can significantly improve fuel efficiency and performance and reduce emissions. Engine oil levels, fuel filters, engine air filters, and other items alike need to be checked and replaced regularly to reduce the environmental impacts of driving.

By making these slight changes in your driving habit, you can save on your gas expenses and the environment. Let us help you with all your car maintenance needs to help you achieve a greener lifestyle. We invite you to Folsom Automotive Service LLC today.