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Signs It's Time for a New Car Battery

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your vehicle battery on average every three years. Once a battery reaches this age, it becomes unreliable and unable to hold a sufficient charge. In some circumstances, your car may need a replacement before it even reaches three years.

Signs That Your Vehicle Battery Needs a Replacement

  1. You notice faint or flickering lights. If your headlights, dashboard, or infotainment center randomly go dim or flickers, it is a clear sign that you need a new battery. It means that your car can no longer distribute enough power to your car's different electrical functions.
  2. You constantly have trouble starting the car. This is one of the most prevalent symptoms of a weak battery. If you're grabbing the jumper cables too often, you should go and get your battery tested. 
  3. The battery dashboard warning light is on. This glowing red light is in the shape of a battery, and it usually means that one or more of your electrical components needs attention.
  4. There is corrosion on the battery. Lastly, you can check the battery's health by looking at its physical appearance. If the terminals look corroded or covered in gunk, you most definitely need your car battery replaced. 

At Folsom Automotive Service, we understand the complexities of the automotive electrical system, and we have the proper testing tools to measure your battery's charge. If you need your car battery tested or a battery replacement, we welcome you to our auto repair shop in Folsom, CA.