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What Causes Brakes to Squeal?

Nothing is more annoying than a loud squeal whenever you push on your brake pedals. Beyond the ear-piercing noise, you should take the sound seriously as it could mean trouble for your braking system. 


As you may know, brakes are a vital part of every vehicle, but they can be a safety hazard without proper maintenance. There are a few circumstances where brake noises can be normal. You can expect brake sounds when they are not warm, newly replaced, used in wet weather, or rough road conditions. However, the noises should not linger beyond those scenarios. Let's examine some of the common causes behind squeaky brakes:


Worn Pads

Worn-out brake pads are the leading cause of squealing brake sounds. The sound should be taken as a warning to replace the pads before they cause damage to the rotor.


Slamming On the Brakes Too Hard

While driving, you may face many obstacles unexpectedly. For instance, you may have to dodge another vehicle or other dangerous obstacles like potholes or pesky rodents. To evade those dangers, you may have to press on your brakes pretty hard, which will result in a squealing noise. Doing so may help you avoid an accident, but it will also result in premature wear of your brakes.


Rusted Brake Rotor

Rotors lose their smoothness with wear, resulting in a squeal. To be more specific, rust or debris can get built up on the rotor. However, a trusted mechanic at Folsom Automotive Service can file it off, stopping the squeak.


Carrying Heavy Loads

Carrying bulky items can put more pressure on your vehicle than you might think. With the added stress, you may hear a squeal whenever you apply your brakes. The squeaking occurs as the heat builds up due to a lot of force put on the brakes.


Unless you are an automotive expert and fully understand the car's braking system, we advise you seek professional help whenever you experience brake squealing. Please do not hesitate to give us a call or bring your vehicle to our auto shop today!