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Why Does My Vehicle Need a Coolant Flush?

All cars require periodic maintenance to keep them performing at their best by reducing wear and tear on their components. Here's what you need to know about a coolant flush and its benefits.

What is a Coolant Flush?

A coolant flush is a cleanse for your cooling system. During a coolant flush, four to five gallons of anti-freeze is put in your cooling system. Over time, your current anti-freeze collects contaminants. The coolant flush removes the old anti-freeze and replaces it with fresh anti-freeze to prevent the buildup of scale deposits and rust, helping your anti-freeze last longer.

What Are the Benefits of a Coolant Flush?

Removal of Rust and Deposits

When you get a coolant flush, rust and deposits are removed from your car's cooling system, preventing your car from overheating and causing various problems.

Improve and Extend the Longevity of the Water Pump

Lubrication is a part of the coolant flush process. When you get a coolant flush, the old anti-freeze is replaced with new anti-freeze. The new anti-freeze contains additives that lubricate the water pump.

Prevention of Foam and Rust Buildup

The additives that are present in the new anti-freeze, help prevent the buildup of foam and rust in the water pump. When your cooling system is free of foam and rust, it operates more effectively.

Removal of Contaminants

As time progresses, the current anti-freeze in your car loses its anti-corrosive properties, allowing contaminants to build up. When you get a coolant flush, contaminants and other debris are removed from the cooling system.

Inspection for Cooling Issues

Each time you get a coolant flush, a mechanic will inspect your cooling system for leaks and other factors that can cause issues in the future, saving you time and money.

Prevents Your Anti-Freeze from Becoming Acidic

If you neglect the needs of your cooling system, the current anti-freeze in your car will become acidic, began to breakdown, and cause clumping. Regular coolant flushes prevent clumping and other auto issues from occurring.

When your car needs a coolant flush, look no further than our auto repair shop! Bring your vehicle to our shop today. We're always happy to help.